Location plays a vital role in the use of mounting systems to install solar panels. Rooftops are the ideal choice since they are mounted using metal frames and bolts, and do not require additional structure to support the panels. A building’s roof in some cases, however, may not be appropriate for solar installation due to some reason or the other; insufficient space, complexity of the roof, shading, etc. With availability of land at your facility, we customize our services and solutions based on the environment, orientation, and electrical design with respect to your location. As your solar partner, we design and deliver the perfect solution to ensure the structural integrity and long term performance of your solar project with minimum impact to the surroundings.



Ground-mounted Solar Process

Design – Based upon the architectural and technical constraints of your site allowing seamless grid connection process

Installation – Responsible for the EPC services ensuring only certified solar installers work on your system

Financing – With options right from large capital investments to leasing, we can also help you with power purchase agreements and liaising with local power company

Operation and Maintenance – Your investment will be protected as we thoroughly operate and monitor the performance of your ground mounted system


How will you Benefit

Ideal Angle: Your roof may not be situated at the best angle to maximize solar energy production; ground-mounted systems can be ideally placed wherever they need to be.

Better Efficiency: Solar panels prefer to be kept cool. Ground-mounted systems have room below them to allow air to circulate freely.

Ease of Maintenance: Solar panels work best when they are kept clean and dust free. Ground-mounted solar panels can be cleaned and serviced without anyone having to climb on the roof.

Panel Longevity: Your solar power system may well outlast your roof. Your roof-mounted system must be disassembled and reassembled before and after your roof can be worked on.

Future Expansion: There is usually not room to expand a rooftop mounted solar panel system; this is typically not a problem with a ground-mounted system.