It automatically washes and rinses the solar panels. It attaches nozzles to the solar panels. It comprises a reservoir for soap concentrate. There is also a sediment filter that contains water softener media.

  • Sprinkler
  • Piping
  • Motor (0.5 to 1 Hp)
  • Timing System
  • Automatic Washing
  • Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning is an efficient and Hasslefree way of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Solar Power Plant
  • Automatic Controller which can be Pre-Programmed for desired Day and Time
  • Ease of Installation. No special Tools or Manpower required
  • Maintenence Free. Reliable Operation, No Moving Parts
  • Kit Consists of Patented Sprinklers, Automatic Controlleer (Optional), Piping, Accessories, Tools and Installation and Troubleshooting Manual


Two kinds of water distribution for best coverage of the area. Non-rotating parts for long life span even in heavy conditions, such as high temperatures, wind and dust.

Unique stand fits most panels in the market. The stand maintains steady, well-aligned micro washers on the panels for optimal cleaning. The stand ensures zero vibration of the Solar Panel Cleaning Unit.

Optimal water coverage of the panel. All components are modular and easy to assemble without a need for special tools. Easy, user-friendly assembling and dismantling of the stand on the panel.