Solar Fence Guard

Solar Fence Guard is designed in compact, easy to install and use designs with modern structure. It is widely used in forest areas, zoo, farms, villas, bungalows and other places to provide complete safety and security. This is available with Automatic On and OFF button to ensure no worry of switching it on and off again and again. This comes with fence wire shot or break alarm system for keeping the place safe without any damage. With high-end battery, it ensures easy and auto-charging by just connecting it to solar power system. In addition to this, its digital screen enables users to set the voltage with ease.

  • Raw Water Tank
  • Raw Water Pump
  • Dual Media Filter (DMF)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
  • Micron Cartridge Filter
  • P.P. Net – Micron Cartridge Filter

Like a normal electric fence, a solar-powered electric fence can be used to protect livestock, pets, or land from wildlife and pests.

However, unlike normal electric lines or battery-powered fences, a solar electric fence charger use a small solar photovoltaic (PV) panel to collect and convert sunlight into energy, which is then stored in the battery so that it can charge the fence.


The basic building blocks of a power fence are:

1. Energizer:
Most important part of the system. Takes input from DC battery. Choose proper voltage energizer.

2. Earthing (Grounding System):
The earth or ground system must be perfect to enable the pulse to complete its circuit and give the animal an effective shock. Soil is not a good conductor so the electrons spread out and travel over a wide area, inclining towards moist mineral soils.

3. Fence system:
The Solar module generates the DC energy and charges the Battery. The output of the battery is connected to Guard or Controller or Charger or Fencer. The guard will produce a short, high voltage pulse at regular rate of one pulse per second. The live wire of the guard is connected to the fence wire and the earth terminal to the Earth system. Animal / Intruder touching the live wire creates a path for the current through its body to the ground and back to the guard via the earth system and completes the circuit.

The solar fence guard has to be set up with its earth terminal coupled to an adequate earthing or grounding system. The live terminal is coupled to the live insulated wires of the fence. guard will send an electric current along an insulated steel wire The shock felt is a combination of fence voltage and pulses time or energy. The higher the *joule rating of the fence guard the greater the shock and the greater the fence performance.

Remember whether it is solar fencing or electrical fencing, proper earthing/grounding is the most important part.

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