The power of solar energy, we provide efficient, state-of-the-art rooftop solutions to help organizations and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. Rooftops are the receptors of a good amount of direct sunlight. you can transform your rooftop into a solar power plant which is an excellent source of solar energy, for both commercial and residential consumers.


This is the most common type and connects the system to the electrical grid and allows the home owners to use both – the grid’s electricity and solar energy.

Grid Tie System is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect PV modules to regular utility power.

This rooftop system is connected with your home as well as the grid near your home.

Grid – Connected systems can supply solar power to your home and use utility power as a backup.

This rooftop system provides your home with the required electricity, any extra electricity which is produced will be transferred to the grid directly.


As the name suggests, this power system is not connected in any way to the electricity grid. This system uses batteries instead that help balance out any shortfall and excesses in production and demand.

Rooftop solution designed for those who are not connected to the grid or who wanted stand – alone power solutions.

Off – grid systems are perfect for people living in remote areas with no source of electricity

Grid failures and shutdowns will not affect your power supply.


This system combines the grid connection with the energy storage capacity of your home – i.e. instead of sending the excess power back to the grid (as in On-grid systems), you can store the energy for use during power demand peaks or low production due to less or no sunlight. This system is highly sophisticated and gives it users reliable, cost effective and environment friendly electricity at all times.

Use of solar energy at peak usage times is made possible.

They can be used for advanced energy management.

Is a great way to reduce power consumption from the grid.