Pressure Pump

If your house is situated at a higher level than the water supply line, the water pressure is likely to be affected. Likewise, all the buildings and homes situated at the end of the community water supply line will get affected. Not to forget that the top floor of your building is likely to receive low water pressure.

In all these cases, installing a water pressure booster pump is the only solution to increasing water pressure.

This pump is a pressure pump, which can be used to raise the water pressure which is supplied to your homes. The low water pressure can supply from the metropolis supply. This problem can be solved easily by fixing a Pressure pump. These pumps are mainly used for increasing the water pressure instantly which comes out from the faucets & appliances.

This pump has a type of electrical switch on it to operate the pump. The operating of this pump can depend on the system pressure. The pumps controller which senses pressure drop whenever you turn your faucets or the shower on. This enables the pump to jump into action in time and boost the water pressure.


  • Increase Pressure
  • Boosts Normal Water Supply
  • Caters to a number of applications
  • Easy to transport
  • Suitable for Residential Use
  • Suitable for Commercial Use
  • Pressure Booster Pump
  • 1 HP for 4-5 Bathroom
  • With tank and
  • Automatic switch